Our program

Our unique Arts based programs utilise Dance and Movement practice which have many therapeutic elements. It incorporates visual and performing arts practices which is used as a set of tools to engage students in a co-operative group.
This encompasses dance sequences, narratives, exploration of strengths and self-regulation.
Using music and visual props supports the engagement of young people in artistic self – exploration providing a focus and connection in relation movement connecting self to others.
Multiple sensory modes, tactile and visual help students to playfully engage and provide means for self-regulation.
Students manipulate the props using whole body movements and explore a variety of musical landscapes to enhance participation.
Dance-Movement practices support young people to be self- motivated, to develop and explore their own creative impulses. It also encourages self-discipline by following directions for a series of movement patterns, directions and levels.

It’s a fun way of engaging with others and learning, all moving to music.